about me

Hello, I'm Mimi, a hobby artist from Europe!

I primarily focus on character art and I have a couple of OCs myself. I've been drawing pretty
much all my life but started taking it seriously sometime in 2009. At first I focused on
dragons and monsters before spending most of my time drawing humanoid characters.
My dream has always been to make my own webcomic and I had started a few which I dropped soon after
because I failed to realize that webcomics require a lot of prep-work and that daydreaming about
the ending wasn't enough lol.

Recently, though, I have decided to make my dream come true and make a short-ish comic
about my newest blorbies - Roderick and Gawain - which I refer to as "skelefriends".
You can find out more about it [here].

When I'm not drawing I love playing [difficult] video games and taking care of my pets.