⋆ #1 | Hello and welcome! ⋆

Welcome to my blog! Most of the posts here will also be posted on my spacehey, so if you wanna follow me there you can find me there under the name "miripirim"! I will be talking about OCs mostly, but I might post some other life updates here... we'll see! I definitely want to use it as a way to write down my thoughts and feelings and post my writing snippets here. Maybe I'll figure out how to add a reply/comment box hmm

Those who don't know about my OCs might be very confused who I'm talking about, so I guess I should post some OC profiles somewhere on my site. I do have a toyhou.se but it's very outdated. My main blorbies are Roderick and Gawain at the moment, I actually made a site just for them, you can find it [here].

That's it for now bc I gotta get ready for work, see ya!