⋆ #2 | Skelefriends update ⋆

Thought it'd be fun to do project updates here to keep track of how much I got done. Not only would that probably be interesting for you, it's also a nice reminder for myself that I worked hard to make this happen :]

How it started

It's funny to think that I made skelefriends *this year*. I drew Roderick in July and have not stopped thinking about him since. Just 4 days later I made Gawain. I don't think I've ever made fleshed out OCs that quickly before. Anyways here are some sketches of them from when I first made them:

All of these were drawn within 1-2 weeks, I don't think I've drawn that much since 2019. They're my blorbies and I love them very much :] and now I'm working on a webcomic for them... still insane how this all developed but I love it.

Where we are now

The main difference to the drawings I shared is that I actually sat down and looked at what armor actually looks like and made some (minor) design tweaks. I've also decided that Gawain is a little taller for no reason in particular. I don't know what came over me but I had the sudden urge to draw some decent refs and spent most of my weekend off drawing the skelefriends:

Some little design things I want to note here (for future reference and for those interested):

That's it for now, see ya soon :]