⋆ #3 | Girl, help, I'm crocheting again ⋆

A couple weeks ago I saw yarn online with a beautiful gradient - it was so pretty it made me want to get back into knitting and crocheting. Long story short, I ended up ordering 4 skeins of yarn worth €80 and then an additional 4 smaller ones for €20. 💀 It's fine, though, I've been enjoying it a lot and I missed it - I crocheted small things here and there but never finished any of it because I lost steam quickly.

It made me think of all the things I made years ago for others and for myself. For a good while I thought the pictures taken of the things I made were lost to time, but the wayback machine had actually saved some of them! I thought putting them all next to each other in a blog post would be fun - I don't think it will show how much I improved as art comparisons tend to do, but perhaps it will inspire me to improve and do better

⋆ 2014 ⋆

Little red shark pencil case I made for a former friend. I used a pattern for it but I vaguely remember having to change some things to make it work... Anyway, I remember I forgot to line the inside with fabric so pens would just fall out from between the crochet stitches. whoops.
Little bunny plush that I made for a former friend. I am pretty sure I used a pattern for it. What I enjoyed the most about it was picking out the little details like the button and lace for the red cape!
Big, and I mean BIG fennec fox plushie that I also made for a former friend. I freehanded the whole thing and I wish I knew how much time it took to finish it. It still looks pretty good, though I think I could do a better job when it comes to the ears.

⋆ 2015 ⋆

Some things I made for myself. A wreath which we had on our front door until the wind destroyed it and a bag that... I didn't line with any fabric and the crochet granny squares suffered from it. I just never learn.

⋆ 2018 ⋆

Made a small geography-inspired giraffe for a university course which was probably the most fun I had in any university course tbh. I even have some progress pics!

⋆ 2024 ⋆

Here are some current in-progress stuff I'm making! I decided to use up some old yarn I still had to make a big spiral blanket (found the pattern on etsy and it's been a lot of fun so far). I also chose to make 4 gradient scarves for me and my friends, totally underestimating how long it takes to knit something with *super thin yarn*. I'll get there... but wow, it will be a miracle if I get these done before next winter.

That's it for now! I might add more pictures or post updates in a new blog entry... we'll see! It's been lovely to get back into this craft, I really needed a distraction from how disastrous this year has been so far. I might talk about it in a new blog entry if I feel like it. Anyway, I gotta go. See ya 👋